Taking Care of Burnham and help when you need it

This is an outline guide as to who is responsible for looking after various parts of the town and who needs to know if anything is wrong.   You can always get advice at the Town Council Offices but in many cases, the Town Clerk or Deputy Town Clerk will have to refer the issue to the agency, organisation or company responsible and you may find it quicker and easier to report the problem direct. You’ll also find help for problems such as anti-social behaviour and advice on who might be able to help with other issues such as parking and dog mess.

Roads and footpaths

Problems such as potholes, damaged road signs etc. should be reported to Essex County Council Highways.  You can report emergencies on 0845 603 7631 or you can use their website http://www.essexhighways.org/Report-a-problem.aspx and you will be given a unique reference number which allows you to track the actions and progress on your complaint.

Street lighting

This is again Essex County Council Highways.  You can report emergencies on 0845 603 7631 or you can use their website http://www.essexhighways.org/tell-us-street-lighting.aspx and again you will be given a unique reference number.

Water and sewage problems and flooded roads

Broken water mains need to be reported to Essex and Suffolk Water on their leakline 0800 526 337.  Their website is https://www.eswater.co.uk/your-home/your-services/dealing-with-leaks.aspx and they will sometimes fix leaks on your property supply pipes free of charge.
Sewers and drains from your own property to where they join the pipes outside your property boundaries are your responsibility but blocked sewers or overflows of sewage and sewage flooding should be reported to Anglian Water on their 24 hour line 03457 145 145
Blocked highway drains and gulleys on roads should be reported to the Highways Agency as above.
Ditches and what are called ‘ordinary watercourses’ as opposed to rivers are the responsibility of Maldon District Council (MDC).  They work in conjunction with the Environment Agency and full details are on their website http://www.maldon.gov.uk/faqs/faq/47/main_river_or_ordinary_watercourse but if you think there is a problem call the Council on 01621 854477 or email contact@maldon.gov.uk.

Street care and cleaning, fly tipping and problems with refuse collection

There is a very helpful page on the Maldon District Council Website http://www.maldon.gov.uk/info/100006/environment_and_planning (scroll down to the bottom).

Dog mess and parking problems – the Rangers are here to help

MDC’s Rangers have powers to enforce parking restrictions and can fine owners for not clearing up dog mess.  The problem is that they can’t be everywhere at once and unless they see the problem as it occurs they can’t do anything.  However, if there is a persistent problem – someone always parks in the wrong place or an owner walks their dog and leaves mess every day – you can help the Rangers by reporting where and when to them through MDC on 01621 854477 or email contact@maldon.gov.uk.

Open spaces – who is responsible for their upkeep and maintenance

Burnham Town Council looks after several sites in the town, but others are the responsibility of MDC or Essex County Council (ECC). 

The sites the Town Council looks after are:-

Providence Car Park
The Clock Tower
The War Memorial and adjacent land
Open spaces on Glebe Way, Willow Close and Worcester Road
The Twinning Garden
The Memorial Garden
The allotments and land between Burnham Primary and Meadow Way
The Station House (on a lease from Network Rail)
Please report any problems to the Town Clerk or Deputy Town Clerk at the Council Office or by phoning 783426 or emailing office@burnhamtowncouncil.com.

The sites MDC look after are

The Foundry Lane Car Park
Riverside Park
Millfields Car Park
Springfield Amenity Space
Hester Place
The Cemetery
Please report problems to MDC on 01621 854477 or email contact@maldon.gov.uk.

Other sites in town

The Station and the Railway embankment and line are the responsibility of Network Rail.
The Quay and the Promenade are owned by ECC (see above for the Highways contact) but they are cleaned by MDC( see above for the MDC contact) although the Seawall itself is the responsibility of the Environment Agency.
Winstree Road Open space is owned by ECC but maintained by MDC.

How often does grass get cut?

Contracts for grass cutting are based on ‘when it needs to be done’ not regular time tables like ‘once every month.’  After all, grass doesn’t need cutting in winter would not be needed and in summer, two cuts a month might be needed so if you haven’t seen a mower for a while don’t worry.  If you think there really is a problem though contact the relevant Authority. 

Who can help with anti-social behaviour?

This covers a huge range of issues.  Vandalism and bad behaviour on the country park should be reported to the Rangers as soon as possible.  They have CCTV which might be useful in identifying troublemakers. 
For other issues MDC has a dedicated anti-social behaviour co-ordinator and you may contact them by telephone on 01621 854477 or by email communitysafety@maldon.gov.uk.
If a crime or serious incident is in progress, or there is a serious risk of injury or risk of serious damage to property, you should always dial 999.

The Police are here to help but you can help them

Calling 999 is for emergencies but in non-emergency situations to contact the police please call 101 which eases the pressure on the 999 operators.  The Essex Police website is http://www.essex.police.uk/home.aspx.  It’s full of useful information and a very detailed leaflet called ‘Who is responsible for that’ can be downloaded as a pdf by googling ‘essex police who is responsible’ which covers everything from barking dogs to stranded dolphins!

Don’t forget the Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB)

The CAB has a walk-in service every Thursday at the Council Offices 10.00 – 13.00.  They can help with advice about the law, debts problems, benefits and many other issues.

Call in at a Town Council Surgery

We hold regular surgeries – details in the Maldon and Burnham Standard.  No appointment is necessary and the paper also carries details of surgeries by our MP John Whittingdale. 
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